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100% Organic


Cliffhouse Kombucha is handmade in small batches by my family and me in Jamestown, Colorado, a little village nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The cliffhouse is a well-recognized landmark in our town and is a house I built for my son Julien. I have been making kombucha continuously since 1985, when I received both a culture and recipe from my mother in Germany where I grew up. For 2 decades I made it just for myself, family and friends. 

In 2005 our local restaurant, the "Jamestown Mercantile" began carrying it, and from there the business grew naturally. I have built a commercial kitchen onto our existing home, and each batch is hand crafted by myself, my wife Kate and our son Julien. Our intention is to remain local and continue to keep the batches small, for optimal flavor and nutritional benefit. 

We use amber glass bottles in order to protect vital nutrients such as enzymes, probiotics and amino acids. We have chosen not to offer cans, as all cans are lined with a plastic or polymer coating, and while most are BPA-free, it does not prevent the leaching of other harmful chemicals from the coating itself.

We also offer our kombucha in 5 gallon kegs to serve on tap. We use ball-lock kegs and are happy to assist with the set up if necessary.

Since April 2011 Cliffhouse Kombucha is 100% solar powered!

About Our Ingredients

All our kombucha is naturally gluten-free, kosher and GMO-free.

Tea: Our tea is 100% organic and fair trade. What does this mean?

Organic: Our teas are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and the farmers we support are pioneers in biodynamic agriculture.

Fair Trade: All our teas come directly from cooperatives in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Guatemala, ensuring the producers get a much higher profit for their product.

Sugar: Our sugar is 100% organic and fair trade. What does this mean?

Organic: The fields are green-cut, not burned or treated with herbicides or fertilizers. No chemicals or animal by-products are used to decolorize the sugar, making it ideal for vegans. It's made from freshly squeezed organic sugar cane juice, evaporatd and crystallized on the same day it's harvested. 

Fair Trade: This guarantees that farmers receive a fair price for their crops plus an additional premium payment to benefit their communities. By choosing fair trade sugar we're helping build schools, health centers and generally improving the lives of farmers.

Our use of cane sugar, as opposed to other sweeteners, is intentional. Extensive research as well as our own tested experience has shown that cane sugar produces the healthiest symbiotic cultures. During the fermentation process cane sugar, under the influece of the culture, gets broken down into simple sugars, which is essential in producing the most nutritionally beneficial kombucha. Only a small amount of the sugar in it's original form remains in the final product.

Kombucha Culture: We use big healthy scoby's for every batch, and nothing is added after the fermentation. We clean our Scoby's after each fermentation period, and use the new fresh growth for the next batch. This ensures maximum potency, freshness, health benefits and flavor.

Water: Our water comes from the upper St. Vrain river, flowing along the Continental Divide. It's spring water, fed by snowmelt from the high Rocky Mountains. It's crystal clear and delicious! In addition we use a purifying filtration system that removes all possible contaminants and sediments.

Original Mango Passionfruit
Hibiscus Flower
Green Tea with Turmeric & Mint
Ginger Peach

Where to Find Our Kombucha

Cliffhouse Kombucha is available at the following local natural food stores, restaurants and cafes in the Boulder/Denver/Ft. Collins area.

We're happy to announce the official opening of our tap room at the Jamestown Mercantile. Come refresh yourself and enjoy the beautiful view!



Brewing Market ~ 2525 Arapahoe Ave #D4, Village Boulder Shopping Center,  (303) 444-4858

Brewing Market Coffee ~ 2610 Baseline Rd., (303) 499-1345

Brewing Market ~ 1918 13th St., Pearl St. Mall, (303) 443-2098

Logan's Espresso Cafe ~ 3980 N. Broadway, (303) 443-3600, 

Moxie Feed & Seed ~ 4953 Broadway, (303) 903-9961 

Vitamin Cottage ~ 2685 Pearl St.,
(303) 402-1400 


Brew Culture Coffee ~ 3620 W. Colfax Ave., (303) 537-5215

Mercury Cafe ~ 2199 California St., (303) 294-9281


So Radish ~ 5711 Olde Wadsworth Blvd. (303) 632-8681




Alley Cat Coffee House ~ 120 W. Laurel St., (970) 495-0123

Tasty Harmony ~ 160 W. Oak St. 80524,
(970) 689-3234


Dark Heart Coffee Bar ~  419 N. Jefferson  


Brewing Market ~ 1520 Hover St. #A,
(303) 651-7716

La Vita Bella Cafe ~ 471 Main St. 
(720) 204-4525


Moxie Bread Co. ~ 641 Main St.,
(720) 420-9616


Espresso Vino by Brewing Market ~
2770 Dagny Way, (720) 890-3993


Moxie Mercantile ~ 355 Main St.,
(720) 775-5589


Jamestown Mercantile ~ 108 Main St., 80455  
(303) 442-5847





P.O Box 233
Jamestown, Colorado 80455

Cliffhouse Kombucha is available in Boulder, Denver, Arvada, Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Lyons and Jamestown..

Vegan NON GMO Gluten Free

Kombucha has been used worldwide as a health tonic for thousands of years. It's known to support the immune system and to provide a wealth of nutrients such as live enzymes, B vitamins, amino acids, probiotics and liver detoxifiers. 

Each bottle comes from a naturally carbonated small batch,  hand bottled by me and my family. Nothing is added after the fermentation process, which ensures the highest nutritional potency.

We hope that you enjoy drinking our kombucha as much as we do making it.

Good health!

Rudiger, Kate and Julien


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