About Our Ingredients

All our kombucha is naturally gluten-free, kosher and GMO-free.

Tea: Our tea is 100% organic and fair trade. What does this mean?

Organic: Our teas are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and the farmers we support are pioneers in biodynamic agriculture.

Fair Trade: All our teas come directly from cooperatives in India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Guatemala, ensuring the producers get a much higher profit for their product.

Sugar: Our sugar is 100% organic and fair trade. What does this mean?

Organic: The fields are green-cut, not burned or treated with herbicides or fertilizers. No chemicals or animal by-products are used to decolorize the sugar, making it ideal for vegans. It's made from freshly squeezed organic sugar cane juice, evaporatd and crystallized on the same day it's harvested. 

Fair Trade: This guarantees that farmers receive a fair price for their crops plus an additional premium payment to benefit their communities. By choosing fair trade sugar we're helping build schools, health centers and generally improving the lives of farmers.

Our use of cane sugar, as opposed to other sweeteners, is intentional. Extensive research as well as our own tested experience has shown that cane sugar produces the healthiest symbiotic cultures. During the fermentation process cane sugar, under the influece of the culture, gets broken down into simple sugars, which is essential in producing the most nutritionally beneficial kombucha. Only a small amount of the sugar in it's original form remains in the final product.

Kombucha Culture: We use big healthy scoby's for every batch, and nothing is added after the fermentation. We clean our Scoby's after each fermentation period, and use the new fresh growth for the next batch. This ensures maximum potency, freshness, health benefits and flavor.

Water: Our water comes from the upper St. Vrain river, flowing along the Continental Divide. It's spring water, fed by snowmelt from the high Rocky Mountains. It's crystal clear and delicious! In addition we use a purifying filtration system that removes all possible contaminants and sediments.