Cliffhouse Kombucha is handmade in small batches by my family and me in Jamestown, Colorado, a little village nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The cliffhouse is a well-recognized landmark in our town and is a house I built for my son Julien. I have been making kombucha continuously since 1985, when I received both a culture and recipe from my mother in Germany where I grew up. For years I made it just for myself, family and friends. But in 2005 our local Jamestown restaurant began carrying it, and from there the business grew naturally. I have built a commercial kitchen onto our existing home, and each batch is hand crafted by myself, my wife Kate and our son Julien. Our intention is to remain local and to continue to keep the batches small, for optimal flavor and nutritional benefit. Since April 2011 Cliffhouse Kombucha is 100% solar powered!